SunnyDisposition Acum 15 ore
Ummm, I will reserve judgement. So far the new casting is NOT exciting.
teen wolf derek hale
teen wolf derek hale Acum 15 ore
some interesting points here, not to mention f8 and hobbs and shaw just sucked hardcore.
diggi sadiq
diggi sadiq Acum 15 ore
Psycho Reble
Psycho Reble Acum 15 ore
Wow you just said how the movies had drama 🤣🤣
John Barone
John Barone Acum 15 ore
They would never have killed Tony off. They would always have held out the possibility of a sequel. Sadly Gandolfini was simply irreplaceable. Sadly he died and that ended everything.
Adrian Van Leeuwen
Adrian Van Leeuwen Acum 15 ore
Tom Holland then Tobey MacGuire are my choices, partly due to acting, partly due to story telling. Watching Andrew's version again, some of it had to do with the less than great dialogue writing and less the actor is why it is 3rd place. The writing could have been better. Parts of it were good though.
chanel henderson
chanel henderson Acum 15 ore
Seen all the films (minus Tokyo Drift) started watching them in theaters starting at 5 and will be seeing Fast9 the Friday it hits theaters
Brian Edwards
Brian Edwards Acum 15 ore
It isn't a robot movie but without T.A.R.S. I wouldn't sit through Interstellar as often as I have.
FreeTheGod Acum 15 ore
theres an entire scene explaining and showing how Letty survived bro
Shane Larose
Shane Larose Acum 15 ore
Forgot to mention Howard's mother on the Big Bang Theory
spacewitch Acum 15 ore
I can't even watch it the first time?! It's gone from Netflix...
Terry Kosowick
Terry Kosowick Acum 15 ore
The problem is Hollywood has no longer knows how to write sci fi (sequels or not). It thinks: Throw lots of $ at it, lots of explosions, lots of special effects, all-star cast and we're done. When, in reality all that is needed is a new, or unique idea and a solid story. See Stephen King for examples of unique ideas in the horror genre.
Javier Castillo
Javier Castillo Acum 15 ore
y’all complain there’s not enough street racing (1,2,3) but also complain bout the whole laws of physics ..? lmao ok 💀🤣🤣
Gibran Camus
Gibran Camus Acum 15 ore
Yo that ratio. Don't worry I gotchu with the like homie.
Prkwon Acum 15 ore
Um captain obvious...( captain)🧏‍♂️
Kaya Joelle
Kaya Joelle Acum 15 ore
I actually saw this and thought it was odd how the frame totally paused on her for a sec, and wondered of what importance it was
Clay_059 Acum 15 ore
Pennywise: *Can turn into anything anyone fears* Me: Oh noooo, pls don't turn into Tommyinnit I am soooo afraid. I also am sooo afraid of L'manburg/DreamSMP
Ted Wasserman
Ted Wasserman Acum 15 ore
His best friend is a pervert and he didn’t know? Franco is a creep. Good riddance
It’s Stop Motion Bruh
It’s Stop Motion Bruh Acum 16 ore
Last time I checked Republicans aren’t being systematically executed. COVID is real, and stating pronouns is politeness.
Cooking Parker
Cooking Parker Acum 16 ore
The wandering alphabet unfortunatly protect because flag firstly manage excluding a gleaming alligator. pleasant, ancient archer
BeccaSlays Acum 16 ore
Punk rock is my jam
Joshua 524
Joshua 524 Acum 16 ore
Questionable thing: Physics 😂
Stephen Jacewicz
Stephen Jacewicz Acum 16 ore
I think we know this already, when it comes to DVD or a little before then. Ok. Looking foward to seeing it though which I will probably see in the theater.
Akins Josh
Akins Josh Acum 16 ore
It was better super hero stories than what the MCU is planning to poop out. I hate there is not more to see. I truly enjoyed their efforts.
Luis Lujan
Luis Lujan Acum 16 ore
2 minutes into the video, how to really watch the movie for free.
Kelly McCain
Kelly McCain Acum 16 ore
It's so funny how all the so-called critics were criticizing "Showgirls" while it was in the theaters, but as soon as it came out on video it set all kinds of records because everyone wanted to buy or rent it. It ended up making a lot of money worldwide. Most critics are miserable idiots.
MaRk fLoReS
MaRk fLoReS Acum 16 ore
Or just wait until someone uploads it to be available free on the firestick, fire cube, android tv, etc, most likely the same day it's released, or the day after.
Brad Evans
Brad Evans Acum 16 ore
Still my favourite film ever.
ssm100 Acum 16 ore
That just lost you a subscription.
Kendrick Parks
Kendrick Parks Acum 16 ore
Its a travesty that the crazy stupid fine woman from ant man ending wasnt in this show. It wouldve been boss if she had a fling or date torres
Eric Talbot
Eric Talbot Acum 16 ore
Wilma kicked his butt🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Couldn't pay me to watch this dreck
Auburn Mann
Auburn Mann Acum 16 ore
Also, too many Rapper-turned-actors in the cast!
Tim Chantarangsu
Tim Chantarangsu Acum 16 ore
I love that it gets more and more ridiculous. I want space and dinosaurs ASAP
Jhameer Conyers
Jhameer Conyers Acum 16 ore
Tim why would you say that
KootFloris Acum 16 ore
Idiot video. You tell some background but not why it was cancelled at all.
Brandon Sukdeo
Brandon Sukdeo Acum 16 ore
The movie is thrash now
Griffgames Acum 16 ore
It's like folks who say they get games 'free' on Game Pass. End the subscription *you are paying for* and - gasp - no games. Not free.
Angry Ox
Angry Ox Acum 16 ore
I gave up on understanding the FF timeline a long time ago.
reaper0159 Acum 16 ore
Why the hell are y'all making a video stating the obvious, all movies go "free" at some point after cinema.
James Black
James Black Acum 16 ore
That sucks I really in joy it
Sonny faasala
Sonny faasala Acum 17 ore
Fast and furious shouldn't be on a big screen? and 9? Are you serious? It's stupid in all levels! Reality check! How many jerks bought and suited their vehicles to act like this stupid fast and stupid furious?...dumb as Donald dumb Trump!
Moshin Deaths
Moshin Deaths Acum 17 ore
Sung kong lol
anthony mallett
anthony mallett Acum 17 ore
this video was pointless
John Kelly
John Kelly Acum 17 ore
M.M. is hilarious!! I don't know anyone who wouldn't want to see him again!! I miss him!!
Ben Davidson
Ben Davidson Acum 17 ore
Runaway 1984 :D
Creative Time
Creative Time Acum 17 ore
Nat belongs with sir James Barns!😂
Miguel Angel Alvarez Agudo
Miguel Angel Alvarez Agudo Acum 17 ore
Excellent saga.
Patrick Star021
Patrick Star021 Acum 17 ore
Go to watch infinity war part 2 fast forward to time travel and you can watch Black Widow for free.
lance cook
lance cook Acum 17 ore
Christopher Dominguez
Christopher Dominguez Acum 17 ore
Woooow...I got baited hard
Matt Mazzone
Matt Mazzone Acum 17 ore
Way to stand behind your friends,
Resolve Rub
Resolve Rub Acum 17 ore
The abandoned single sadly hang because astronomy cosmetically search throughout a five karate. immense, abusive surfboard
Paquette Stephen Brett
Paquette Stephen Brett Acum 17 ore
Good list but missing irobot
Tyrell Grey
Tyrell Grey Acum 17 ore
Roman is the most annoying charater in Fast & Furious movies 💯 plus bring back Eva Mendes charater back for Fast & Furious 10 & 11 or Hobbs & Shaw 2 💯
Marian P
Marian P Acum 17 ore
Damn it, I knew it !! Clickbaters !!
Nintendoplayah Acum 17 ore
short circuit should be on the list!!!!
DISCO-INFERNO-70 Acum 17 ore
Just goes to show you how delusional and out of touch many of these execs really are. They forget who is responsible for their success, and start to believe they can easily replace them.
Little Frank
Little Frank Acum 17 ore
Man of Steel suit ♥️
21 carrots gang
21 carrots gang Acum 17 ore
Wow didn't know Disney+ was free lmao
Express King
Express King Acum 17 ore
October it will be free on Disney +. There you go saved you 2 minutes and about 45 seconds.
pdrozewski Acum 16 ore
Disney+ still costs money
TheOzarkWizard Acum 17 ore
They should have stopped at 5.
trusoldier77 Acum 17 ore
How do we ignore Roman's unbearable lines. He sucks. He isnt funny he is aggravating
James Denny
James Denny Acum 17 ore
Will pay the extra 30 bucks, won't wait till October to get it free 😁
Shawn Webb
Shawn Webb Acum 17 ore
at least 2more john wick movies 🎥..
Kris King
Kris King Acum 17 ore
The show sucked.
VDOAngel Acum 17 ore
Major Kusanagi, Ghost In the Shell 😎
Yo Dom
Yo Dom Acum 17 ore
Lmfao ridiculous
Sasataf Acum 18 ore
Tell me you're desperate for video ideas without telling me you're desperate for video ideas.
Sasataf Acum 18 ore
Hang on! You mean that Disney+ will eventually show Marvel movies?!? Mind blown... NOT!
fuffy442 Acum 18 ore
The struggle to produce content is a very real thing for some, it would seem.
R3MIX 2000
R3MIX 2000 Acum 18 ore
It’s cuz black & carbonated people are the only people with souls and are immortal. We don’t die.
Haroon paul
Haroon paul Acum 18 ore
Try Thoptv if u wanna watch for free
Sina Rouhi
Sina Rouhi Acum 18 ore
F&F was and is completely nonsense. Stuff like in mission impossible and james bond have been way believable and had less plot holes. It's mostly about cars and they don't even get those things right. Now they did the ultimate insult, took the movie first to china, directly saying money is more important than the fans that have been following it in US or rest of the world for decades, even thought they were insulted and crucified and were going to get banned so had to beg for forgiveness just because they named Taiwan as a rightful country! And they basically said yeah we gonna cash on two more movies then, whatever! No respect for fans, cinema, art etc. ! Atleast axt like you care!
Fat Thor
Fat Thor Acum 18 ore
Waste of a damn video
Antonio Alves
Antonio Alves Acum 18 ore
Maybe... UTorrent?
Olle Selin
Olle Selin Acum 18 ore
Questionable Things We Ignore In Toy Story