Xstation Acum 21 oră
Roadhouse 👊
Wonoketingal Acum 21 oră
Here’s When These Superhero Movies Are Really Coming Out 👍 l'année des nanas carlos
Marco Cuadra
Marco Cuadra Acum 21 oră
waiting for the snyder cut version!!
Baka Hannibal
Baka Hannibal Acum 21 oră
This started already? The hell?!?
Happ0 Acum 21 oră
Im third as fast as i pressed on this video usain bolt couldnt take a step
TuSwift4U Acum 21 oră
I don’t care if you’re first.
waht the flip
waht the flip Acum 21 oră
Jack Chester
Jack Chester Acum 21 oră
Wagwan guys
Jack Chester
Jack Chester Acum 21 oră
Randy Allison
Randy Allison Acum 21 oră
I liked Star Trek Nemesis, but it would have been better had it been filmed within five years of Star Trek Deep Space Nine ending.
Jonty Hampson
Jonty Hampson Acum 21 oră
Sadly, I concur.
Samurai Jack Morrison
Samurai Jack Morrison Acum 21 oră
I love how this happens concurrently with Episode III. It’s beautiful grounding in the larger story.
Derrick Snyder
Derrick Snyder Acum 21 oră
I think you missed on why Andrew Garfield didn't get a third movie. When they canceled Amazing Spiderman 3 it was because Garfield was missing promotions and showing up late to shootings. So, Sony decided to fire him. This was confirmed by Sony Many years ago.
Mr Mofo
Mr Mofo Acum 21 oră
There were WMDs there! The US sold them to them years before! That’s why Bush said he knew they were there!
Carolyn Martell
Carolyn Martell Acum 21 oră
No! Just no!!!
Dávid Moór
Dávid Moór Acum 21 oră
Guessing : Omega is the clone of Palpatine
Don Mcc
Don Mcc Acum 21 oră
So, she was concerned about doing nude scenes, but not about having an incestuous relationship with her brother? I guess you have to draw the line somewhere.....
Kenyon Elliott
Kenyon Elliott Acum 21 oră
I've never thought he was that funny
Sean Hiatt
Sean Hiatt Acum 21 oră
I'm a little surprised nothing was really mentioned on Caleb, the Padawan that was almost killed by Crosshair!
François Plante Pilote
François Plante Pilote Acum 21 oră
No mention of the Kanan cameo... rip
B B Acum 21 oră
Wow thank you for this - I'd give you money if I could for explaining this. I hate being touched so deeply but not being able to explain why. Surreptitious effable emotions drive me nuts without an exit strategy.
CosmicDoomBro Brian
CosmicDoomBro Brian Acum 21 oră
Turkish Delight
Turkish Delight Acum 21 oră
I cant waittt
Juner Avila
Juner Avila Acum 21 oră
Fido Dido
Mr GREENZZ Acum 21 oră
I hate that this makes no sense and has nothing to do with the first movie 😂😂😂
Broho Yonmon
Broho Yonmon Acum 21 oră
What about the timeline where thanos disappeared in 2014.
Hector Matthews
Hector Matthews Acum 22 ore
Only losers watch star wars.
Kirk Van Opel
Kirk Van Opel Acum 22 ore
Du är sämst:(
ik bird
ik bird Acum 22 ore
Everything was pretty accurate, except for the part where "captain lives an alternate life with Peggy". He never actually said it was Peggy, he even told Sam that he doesn't wanna talk about the woman.
Darth Muadib
Darth Muadib Acum 22 ore
I've watched this movie twice now just this week. It's a great movie.
Debra Webster
Debra Webster Acum 22 ore
Glen... Abraham and Noah's deaths were the most brutal in TWD
sam tinkler
sam tinkler Acum 22 ore
People always complain that people don't win oscars on merit, until someone wins on merit and they say that someone else shoukd have won for dying
Ry Velox
Ry Velox Acum 22 ore
So many racist people wanted someone else to win based off skin color. The racist left hates straight white men that succeed.
Emmett Burke
Emmett Burke Acum 22 ore
I noticed how in the clone wars, they humanize clones by giving them special armour and unique haircuts, whereas in this show they actually do the opposite by giving them all white armour and flat tops. This is pretty clever to further show the individuality of the bad batch.
Azrael Foster
Azrael Foster Acum 22 ore
posted on the 5 of november
Albert Einstein
Albert Einstein Acum 22 ore
LETS GOOOOOOOOO I’m watching Clone Wars rn and I suspected that this series was a follow up
Buzry Hapro Mandalorian Bounty Hunter
Buzry Hapro Mandalorian Bounty Hunter Acum 22 ore
I had a feeling that their genetics would prevent the chip from having to follow orders like Order 66.
Nick K
Nick K Acum 22 ore
Omega is the last letter of the Greek alphabet. I'm guessing she is the last clone created by the Kaminoans. Also, there's hints she has 'abilities" like the Bad Batch???
Jimmy Droid
Jimmy Droid Acum 22 ore
Disney Plus. Take my money!!!
David Anonymous
David Anonymous Acum 22 ore
Disney star wars is not star wars..
Onyx Acum 22 ore
This episode tells me this is a kids show. Was hoping for a little more adult.
Indo Reefer
Indo Reefer Acum 22 ore
This movie literally brought me to tears when I realized the true meaning of the story. I went to the movies twice to see it in iMax because it was so good I couldn’t wait for it to come out on DVD
Joli-coeur Wouter
Joli-coeur Wouter Acum 22 ore
Can we please cancel them ? Thank u internet
Denise Brown
Denise Brown Acum 22 ore
So excited for them all!! But really hoped Duma Key would make the list. Really excited about the long walk, the jaunt, and rose madder!!!
Mguvendi Guvendi
Mguvendi Guvendi Acum 22 ore
The perpetrator can't save humanity from anything. All these kinds of movies fooled us into thinking as if the system was innocent, completely beneficial, and costs nothing.
ZN Acum 22 ore
I also think there no much things to put in movie like alien come and cure the guy( I don t remembered his name )
Pony from Piggy!
Pony from Piggy! Acum 22 ore
Kano got stabbed in the eye so its probably foreshadowing him getting a cyber eye
Shyann Sawayn
Shyann Sawayn Acum 22 ore
Love_ Paradise
Love_ Paradise Acum 22 ore
We are ruled by reptiles. 🤫🤫
Mizan Qistina
Mizan Qistina Acum 22 ore
500 years ago the west colonize South east Asia, started with Melaka in 1511AD, so Druun symbolize western colonial
Neil Bergenstein
Neil Bergenstein Acum 22 ore
Hate? He's like the physical embodiment of OK. Like Paul Hogan without a knife. Or a big cooked lizard.
Jan Wallace
Jan Wallace Acum 22 ore
Well it's the 5th May 2021... Any chance of this film appearing this year?
Ted Josiah
Ted Josiah Acum 22 ore
Apparently ubereats deliveries will be available during purge
Jose Morgia
Jose Morgia Acum 22 ore
imagine Omega meeting Boba Fett, two unique clones of their kind
Frank Jones
Frank Jones Acum 22 ore
What makes boba special is that he wasn't altered. So he literally was his father and taught by him
Ted Josiah
Ted Josiah Acum 22 ore
Best time to practice sniping skills hiding high up on a building
Harris Merckle
Harris Merckle Acum 23 ore
The narrator saying avermen pissed me off
Wolfiedaqueenn Acum 23 ore
Wanda was born then 5 seconds after the god of chaos gave her powers that she would still have without the god, just nit as soon
Kriswixx Acum 23 ore
Mighty ducks was his endo.
James Provost Hemingway
James Provost Hemingway Acum 23 ore
These movies would be great but will they try to make them as great movies like the originals or just fast money grabs? Most movies have really let me down in the past few year's.
Richie Tribe
Richie Tribe Acum 23 ore
The bad batch is so awesome so far. Can't to see what's in store next
Phillip Andreasen
Phillip Andreasen Acum 23 ore
The jedi padawan as you called him is kalep kanan Jarrus from Starwars rebels
STEVE 4646
STEVE 4646 Acum 23 ore
My fav characters in mk is scorpion, kabal and noob saibot
Angelo Lagman
Angelo Lagman Acum 23 ore
Omega = Omiga
Official Tru-Dru
Official Tru-Dru Acum 23 ore
The Technosyndrome then stole it from Twilight Zone theme that's why they sound alike.
Tina S
Tina S Acum 23 ore
Sir Anthony Hopkins absolutely deserves this award.
Matt Tracy
Matt Tracy Acum 23 ore
Think Omega is a female clone? A Force sensitive clone maybe??
Matt Tracy
Matt Tracy Acum 22 ore
@Matthew Harris I don't think so given she has never left Kamino....maybe Palpatines clone 🤔 since she seems to have force abilities and kinda looks like him because of her hair
Hayden Mark
Hayden Mark Acum 23 ore
@Matthew Harris my goodness I never thought of that
Matthew Harris
Matthew Harris Acum 23 ore
maybe she's Dutchess Satine's clone!
spidey gaming 4 kids
spidey gaming 4 kids Acum 23 ore
Sven-Erik Acum 23 ore
Andres Bello
Andres Bello Acum 23 ore
Mason Runge
Mason Runge Acum 23 ore
The Crazy Italian
The Crazy Italian Acum 23 ore
Jet Li rules!!